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Newest Listings in Middle East Business Directory :

Company Name: Trust Asia
Contact name: Trust Asia
City: Dubai
Address: dubai UAE
Contact Tel: 050-3420922
Email Address: trustasiacargo343@gmail.com
Web Address: https://www.trustasiacargo.com/
Services offered : Shipping, Shipping, Shipping
Description of services: we provide cargo service in Dubai UAE

Company Name: infinityhotelsupplies
Contact name: infinityhs
City: Dubai
Address: Office no. #3, 2nd floor Mohd.Obaid Al Majid bldg. Marrakech Street, Dubai. P.O.Box 238329
Contact Tel: 042639688
Email Address: infinity123@gmail.com
Web Address: https://infinityhs.ae/index.html
Services offered :
Description of services: The feel and comfort of your guest matters most and it can either boost your reputation or harm, if not cared right. Seek their needs and preferences. For this, you can either ask them to go through a small survey or drop an honest review. In this way, you can

Your digital storefront
People get to know about your hotel and its affiliated facilities surfing the internet. So,it is your duty to make sure you are reachable to the specified targeted audience. A powerful website helps to make buzz about your hotel and that inturn can bring more trustful customers.

Your hotel’s quality of service
The quality of service provided is very important. The hotel must have supreme quality products in order to provide best service. Choosing hotel supply companies make the difference. Infinityhs, stands out from the crowd in its way of rendering service for the hotel industry. We have every supply a hotel needs that includes your linen room and guest amenities. Such a keen detail for products ends in great guest satisfaction.

Special rewards for loyal customers
Being a hotelier, you will have a bunch of loyal customers. It is good of you to acknowledge that you value their proximity towards your hotel. Have a welcome drink at no cost without being asked for it. On the other hand, you can provide a receiving card with a small bouquet. These are some gestures that can be a door to lasting client relationships.

Price without cutting corners
A price without cutting corners must be offered inline with your status and services. Such appropriate pricing attracts more new guests and it can even promote buzz words for your own good. But be careful not to go too low.

Company Name: Iranplast Group
Contact name: Shahrouz marashi
City: Tehran
Address: Tehran Iran
Contact Tel: +982188506080
Email Address: marashi@iranplast.com
Web Address: http://WWW.IRANPLAST.COM
Services offered : Packaging, Manufacture, Packaging
Description of services: IranPlast Group is the group of companies playing its part in creating the awareness and providing the means and opportunities to further develop effective Waste Management and Packaging tools.
With decades of remarkable experience in Packaging Industries as well as Waste Management, IranPlast Group is the notable Middle-Eastern group specialized in Plastic Pallets, Box Pallet and Plastic Waste Containers for different usages.