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Company Name: Pawly Care
Contact name: Gracy Thomas
Country: Kuwait
City: Salmiya
Address: Opp. Apollo Hospital, Salmiya, Kuwait
Contact Tel: 99201071
Email Address: pawlycareq8@gmail.com
Web Address: http://www.pawlycare.com
Services offered : Pets, Food
Description of services: We are a Kuwait based online and physical pet store dedicated to provide pet food, treats, accessories, clothing, customizable kennels & pet houses suited to your needs, and anything that your pet desires, all under one roof. Our mission is to bring to you the best experience possible in terms of both product as well as service quality.

Company Name: Xprestores
Contact name: Xprestores
Country: Kuwait
City: Salmiya
Address: kuwait-salmiya
Contact Tel: +965 9789 1678
Email Address: dominate.dev@gmail.com
Web Address: http:// http://www.dominate.dev
Services offered : E-Commerce, Entertainment, Entertainment
Description of services: يقدم اكسبريس ستورز مختلف البطاقات في مجالات الالعاب و الترفيه والاتصالات في السوق الكويتي مثل بطاقات البلاي ستيشن و بطاقات اكس بوكس و بطاقات ببجي وفيسبوك و سكاي بي وبطاقات ابل وبي ان بالاضافة لبطاقات الاتصالات الشهرية ومسبقة الدفع من زين واريدو و اس تي سي , كما يوفر مجموعة من العروض المميزة في مختلف مناطق الكويت المتعلقة بشتى المجالات مثل الزراعة والرياضة و المطاعم ومراكز التجميل وغيرها الكثير, كل هذا بارخص واقل الاسعار التي تناسب جميع الفئات.

Express Stores offer various cards in the fields of games, entertainment and communications in the Kuwaiti market, such as PlayStation cards, Xbox cards, PUBG cards, Facebook, Skype, Apple and BN cards, in addition to the monthly and prepaid communication cards from Zain, Ooredoo and STC. Among the special offers in various regions of Kuwait related to various fields such as agriculture, sports, restaurants, beauty centers and many more, all at the cheapest and lowest prices that suit all categories.

Company Name: Virtus Dental
Contact name: Virtus Dental Salmiya
Country: Kuwait
City: Salmiya
Address: Tower B, Fatma Complex,Building No.127, Block 12,Shara Amman Roundabout,Amman St. Salmiya, Kuwait
Contact Tel: 9696 1236
Email Address: vsdcwebmaster@virtusdental.com
Web Address: https://www.virtusdental.com/
Services offered :
Description of services: Virtus Dental is the best Dental Care Centre in Kuwait, providing the best medical treatments like Dental Braces, Root Canal Surgery, Teeth Alignment, Crowns & Implants treatments in Salmiya.

Virtus Dental is one of the leading specialty dental clinics in Salmiya, Kuwait. We provide the best dental health services for all various dental care problems. Virtus Specialized Dental Centre with multi-specialty dental doctors and surgeons ranging from Orthodontics, Periodontics, Implantology, Endodontics, etc.

Company Name: Apachia
Contact name: Apachia
Country: Kuwait
City: Salmiya
Address: Apachia Institute for Private Training Block-10, Building#66, Al Mughiera Bin Shobha street Salmiya Al-Salmiya, 20010, Kuwait
Contact Tel: +965 25618946
Email Address: thyagtt3657@gmail.com
Web Address: https://apachia.com/
Services offered : Education

Company Name: 3RoodQ8
Contact name: 3RoodQ8
Country: Kuwait
City: Salmiya
Address: Gulf Street, Symphony mall, Shop 1, Salmiya
Contact Tel: +965 22281008
Email Address: info@3roodq8.com
Web Address: https://3roodq8.com/
Services offered : Shopping
Description of services: The one-stop shopping app for everyone who loves electronic items. Get a huge collection of brands, faster checkouts and easy payment modes with a 24×7 customer service.

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