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Company Name: Hamun industrial group
Contact name: Hossein Faghfouri
Country: Iran
City: Zanjan
Address: Num1 industrial site, Zanjan, Iran
Contact Tel: +989122414415
Email Address: mail@hamunco.com
Web Address: https://hamunco.com/
Services offered : Industrial Supplies, Manufacture, Industrial Minerals
Description of services: Hamon Industrial Group is interested in cooperating with researchers and academics and scientific and industrial activists in the fields of electrical engineering, considering the wide scope of work in designing and manufacturing devices, designing the production line of various factories and carrying out projects in various fields. Mechanics, chemistry and chemical engineering, physics, materials engineering, metallurgical engineering, industrial engineering, food, pharmaceuticals, etc.

This group aims to use the capacity of the country's young and research forces to facilitate the fruition of the projects of people who have valuable scientific and technical capacities and at the same time do not have the necessary capital and tools to advance their projects and in order to The development of domestic manufacturing and production and the creation of growth space for young people cooperate and participate with these people.

Those who are interested in cooperation can submit their plans to this group and if approved by the board of directors of Hamun Industrial Group, the budget, workplace, facilities, equipment and auxiliary workforce to advance the plan, complete the plan and commercialize the product. It will be available to them.