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Company Name: Hydroblasting machines
Contact name: Hydroblasting Machines
Country: Saudi Arabia
City: Al-Qurayyat
Address: 21-24, PanchRatna Industrial Estate Near Oad Villa
Contact Tel: 09375022359
Email Address: hydroblastingmachines.pj@gmail.com
Web Address: https://www.hydroblastingmachines.com/
Services offered : Manufacture
Description of services: Reduce plant downtime with PressureJet's safe, proven, and highly effective High Pressure Hydro Blasting Machine. We are the industry leaders in hydroblasting technology.

The PressureJet Hydroblaster is capable of cleaning/surface preparation operations requiring pressures ranging from 7,000 to 20,000 PSI (500 bar to 1400 bar). This pressure range meets the cleaning needs of most industrial applications like as ship hull cleaning, paint & rust removal, surface cleaning, surface preparation, concrete demolition (hydro demolition), kiln cleaning in cement plants, tank cleaning with special nozzles, and many more.

Hydro Blasting Application is Efficient and Effective due to High Pressure and Flow Rate. Whatever your pressure and flow requirements are, PressureJet's Hydro Blasting System can meet them.
Hydro Blasting Machine is perfect for specialised service providers, construction organisations, renovators, and businesses in a variety of industries.