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Company Name: bhomes
Contact name: bhomes
Country: Qatar
City: Doha
Address: Doha, pearl city
Contact Tel: +97444445499
Email Address: adwords.bhomes@gmail.com
Web Address: http://qatar.bhomes.com
Services offered :
Description of services: Apartments, Villas, Real Estate, Apartments For Sale & For Rent in Qatar. Properties in top cities. Doha Real Estate and property in Qatar with Better Homes.

Company Name: Virtual Electronics Club
Contact name: Zayed VEC
Country: United Arab Emirates
City: Abu Dhabi
Address: Virtual Electrical Club dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE, 501540
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Post Code: 501540
Contact Tel: +004 123456123
Email Address: zayed.vec7@gmail.com
Web Address: http://www.virtualelectronicsclub.com/
Services offered : Electronics, Education, Engineering
Description of services: This Virtual Electronics Club Is established to support Engineers with creative and innovative ideas and build a unique electronics culture among their members to build and design electrical circuits.

Company Name: SGY Chartered Accountants
Contact name: SAJI
Country: United Arab Emirates
City: Dubai
Address: Office 304, Khalid Al Attar Building Khalid Bin Al Waleed Road,Dubai,United Arab Emirates.
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Post Code: 26396
Contact Tel: +971522977534
Email Address: sgyca01@gmail.com
Web Address: http://sgyca.com/
Services offered : Accountancy, Finance & Legal
Description of services: SGY Chartered Accountants is established by a team of qualified and experienced professionals and focus on rendering comprehensive professional services.

Company Name: Maxorb
Contact name: Naseer
Country: Saudi Arabia
City: Riyadh
Address: 42 Othman Bin Affan Road Riyadh City Riyadh Saudi Arabia
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Post Code: 11765
Contact Tel: +966 11 2101101
Email Address: maxorb01@gmail.com
Web Address: http://maxorb.sa/
Services offered : Telecommunications, Internet Services, Computers
Description of services: Maxorb provides Network Optimization Services to connect successfully with customers. In this way companies also can become capable of supplying high standard customer services and high performance. Contact at: +966112101101.

Company Name: Pro-Experts SARL
Contact name: Marc
Country: Lebanon
City: Beirut
Address: Beirut
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Post Code: 0961
Contact Tel: 70200403
Email Address: info@talabetonline.com
Web Address: www.talabetonline.com
Services offered :
Description of services: TalabetOnline is a High End website giving Restaurants across the Middle East the ability to add their name, menu item by item and join the system of online Delivery for free.
Each restaurant in each country can have their own Administration to run and manage their Restaurants online as if they designed and developed their own website and Online Delivery system for tens of thousands of dollars.

All Restaurants should join now and learn more about how they can increase their delivery orders for free.

Any user may simply click on any restaurant, search by types of restaurants, by city, and by name of restaurant to get their contact information or simply right away with clicks order whatever means they wants delivered to their door steps.

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