Sunday, 26 May 2019
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Newest Listings in Middle East Business Directory :

Company Name: Infamous Studios
Contact name: Infamous Studios
City: Dubai
Address: Concord Tower, Office 3702, Dubai Media City, Dubai, UAE
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Post Code: 330443
Contact Tel: +971 4 422 4353
Email Address:
Web Address: http://
Services offered : Video Production, Design
Description of services: Infamous Studios is where creativity and strategy meet. The process starts by creating for you a powerful narrative about your brand, taking your target audience on a journey into the heart of what you do. We’ll present you with ideas for visual approaches in-line with the latest trends in the animation industry, before getting down to producing content that works for you and your customers. Our winning creative services don’t stop there, either. We’ll also boost your ROI by assisting you in your video distribution strategy, ensuring your content hits all the right bases.

Company Name: Calmetrix For Electronics Devices LLC
Contact name: George Luis
City: Abu Dhabi
Address: M-44, Plot #11, Near Dragon Fly Mall, Mussafah Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.
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Post Code: 92614
Contact Tel: 025505003
Email Address:
Web Address:
Services offered :
Description of services: CALMETRIX is one among the top specialists in the supply, calibration and repair of test and measurement instrumentation. We are specialized in Calibration, Repair and Sale of Test & Measurement equipments, Control instruments, Analytical instruments and process instruments. Our company always gives priority to deliver professional quality outsourcing services to our business clients based on their respective specifications and needs. We always aim to provide cost effective and utilize state of the art techniques to ensure that our customers receive premium quality services. We are located at Mussafah, Abu Dhabi.
We know how to get the job done—quickly, thoroughly and consistently.


Company Name: A2z webinfotech
Contact name: Rahul Sharma
City: Dubai
Address: Bur Dubai
Email Address:
Web Address: http://
Services offered : Web Design, Marketing and Advertising, Design
Description of services: A Web Design, Google promotion and software development hub in UAE, where all web services are provided under one roof. It begins with creating web designs and goes beyond the limit with its promotions and online marketing. We believer in creating and adding new value to the business of our clients. Our goal is to initiate content and ideas that actually are appreciated by clients, and delivering them as per their desire. We have a global presence in clients worldwide especially having their offices situated in UAE.