Friday, 19 October 2018
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Newest Listings in Middle East Business Directory :

Company Name: LearnAnyCar
Contact name: Tawfiq Nawfal
City: Dubai
Address: Sheikh Zayed Road Curve Building M27, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Contact Tel: +97147093030
Email Address:
Web Address: http://
Services offered :
Description of services: is the largest driving school platform in the UAE that offers a platform for driving license aspirants to discover driving schools with state-of-the-art facilities. With a wide network of partner driving schools, provides the driving license aspirants the opportunity to discover a driving school that provides cutting-edge driving training programmes and theory classes in multiple languages, including Arabic, English and Urdu. Our aim is to become the leading driving school platform in the UAE that offers access to a proactive learning environment so the driving license aspirants can develop defensive driving skills to become exemplary drivers.
The partner driving schools of offer courses for the acquisition of Manual Transmission Driving License and Automatic Transmission Driving License. Under the supervision of experienced male and female trainers, the driving license aspirants can develop safe driving habits that become second nature to them. The Driving License Acquisition Programme offered by our affiliate driving schools gives a confidence boost to the license aspirants so they can pass their driving license theory test and driving license practical test on the first attempt.
With, getting a driving license in the UAE becomes easier, thanks to the capable faculty of our partner driving schools who help the license aspirants in completing all the requirements set by the traffic authorities. Join today to get easy access to the most reliable driving schools in the UAE and their state-of-the-art driving training courses.

Company Name: Connect Company House
Contact name: Connect Company House
City: Dubai
Address: Marina Plaza, Level 2805, Office 39 Dubai UAE
Contact Tel: +97145124161
Email Address:
Web Address:
Services offered : Business Consulting, IT Consultancy, Web Design
Description of services: Connect Company House is a professional advisory helping people with the company set up in Dubai. Our team has a vast experience in company formation and several other services. We are dedicated on bringing you the best service at a price that’s affordable. Our services provide a platform to maximize the chances of your company formation in Dubai to become a real success.
We are interested in helping new businesses set up in Dubai and our team of experts is continually developing our range of services to provide new and innovative products. We pride ourselves on listening to our customers and will be happy to offer assistance and answer any questions you have before, during and after the company formation process.
Some other services provided are-
• PRO Services
• Design Services
• IT Services
• Support Services
• Concierge Services

Company Name: A2Z Home Decores
Contact name: A2z Home Decores
City: Dammam
Address: Saudi Arabia, Al Dammam
View Location Map
Post Code: 32211
Email Address:
Web Address:
Services offered : Home and Garden, Home and Garden, Home and Garden
Description of services: We offer a Cornice strip ceiling decoration in Saudi arabia. Cornice Strips are pre-cut lengths of glass reinforced gypsum board, designed to enhance Cove Cornice installations. They can be used in a variety of combinations to create unique stepped profiles to suit individual tastes.

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