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Company Name: Pultrall Inc. (Hamamahang-Tarh Engineering Company)
Contact name: Alfredo (Abbas) Damercheli
Main region covered: Iran
City: Tehran
Address: Address in Canada: #320, 15 Jacksway Cresent London, Ontario N5X 3T8, Canada 001-613-545-5104 AddressT in Iran: #12, 303 Golestan, Mahestan Ave Shahrak-Qarb, Tehran, 14657-83611 Tel: 0098-21-8808-1831 Mobile: 0939-310-8919
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Post Code: N5X 3T8
Contact Tel: Canada: 001-613-545-5104- Iran: 0098(21) 8808 1831
Email Address: adamercheli@pultrall.com
Web Address: http://www.pultrall.com
Services offered : Metals, Construction, Engineering
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Description of services: Pultrall Inc. of Canada poduces V-ROD composite rebar.
V-ROD has several advantages to steel-bar in constructing roads and bridges. The corrosion of steel re-bar is a big problem in construction, significantly in moisture conditions. So, V-Rod, or Composite-Rod has been used in projects widely in the North America, moistured environment and salty sites. V-Rod Fiberglas re-bars, with its superior tensile properties, built in corrosion resistance, and inherent electromagnetic neutrality, offers a unique and economically feasible reinforcing bar for such applications:
Corrosion Resistance,
-Lightweight, weights approximately one-quarter of an equivalent size steel bar
-Electromagnetic insulator
-Termal insulator I am sure V-Rod will be highly useful for most construction projects in the Middle East.
You can go to www.Pultrall.com, website and get more technical information and data sheets.

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Company Name: Dr Ousia Dental Clinic | مطب دندان پزشكی دكتر اوصياء
Contact name: Dr Ousia Dental Clinic | مطب دندان پزشكی دكتر اوصياء
Main region covered: Iran
City: Tehran
Address: Tehran Province, Tehran, Madar Square, Behrouz St (Sanjabi St), No 23
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Post Code: 1911953181
Contact Tel: +982122916601
Email Address: nima@factudio.com
Web Address: http://https://drousia.com
Services offered : Dentists, Cosmetics, Doctors
Description of services: دکتر محمدعلی اوصیاء
جراح دندانپزشک
متخصص بیماری های دهان، فک و صورت

Company Name: Iran Private Investigator
Contact name: watchdogdetective
Main region covered: Iran
City: Tehran
Address: Goal Building, Valiasr Square, Tehran, Iran
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Post Code: 15119-43943
Contact Tel: +48511501671
Email Address: watchdoginternational1@gmail.com
Web Address: http://www.watchdogdetectives.com
Services offered : Investigation Services, Legal Services, Business Consulting
Description of services: Iran Private Detective

We are the leading professional Private Detectives organization in Tehran, Iran. We provide authentic private investigation services covering all regions of Iran and beyond.

The investigation services we do Background verification, Corporate investigations, Insurance claims Investigation, Forensic Investigation, Assets Verification, Financial Credibility Verification, Missing persons investigations, Experts commercial negotiation and much more.

Our clients are based in several multinational companies, corporates, financial institutions, Insurance companies and distinguished individuals Worldwide.

Dinonath Malick
Sr. Consultant & Chief Investigator
Mobile: +48 511 501 671 (WhatsApp)
Watchdog Consultancy International Sp. Z.o.o
Email: watchdoginternational1@gmail.com
Website: www.watchdogdetectives.com

Top Confidential and Best Possible Investigation Assured

Company Name: Persia Roots Co
Contact name: Persia Roots
Main region covered: Iran
City: Tehran
Address: No. 37, 2nd Alley, Hesari street, Mirdamad Blvd, Tehran 15479 ( Iran )
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Post Code: 15479
Contact Tel: +98 912 1443970
Email Address: persiarootsseo@gmail.com
Web Address: http://persiaroots.com
Services offered : Oil & Gas
Description of services: As one of the most experienced firms in Iran, we at PRC are able to connect you with the right partners across the country. Whether it is for trade or for investment opportunities, PRC has the right connections to ensure your satisfaction. We maintain close relationships with our partners and zealously continue to do so in order to provide our customers with the best advice and the most suitable connections. Building trusting relationships is often the most hardly overcome obstacle in foreign markets, and with PRC, your mind can be at ease. We commit to enabling fruitful partnerships through care and due diligence, and coupled with our deep understanding of the Iranian market, PRC is strategically positioned to best serve your needs and empower your growth across the country.

Company Name: Laparoscopic Gallstone Removal Surgery
Contact name: Lacey Alvarez
Main region covered: Iran
City: Tehran
Address: Tehran
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Post Code: N/A
Contact Tel: 9373055368
Email Address: webmaster@indialaparoscopysurgerysite.com
Web Address: http://www.indialaparoscopysurgerysite.com/laparoscopic-gi-procedures/low-cost-gallstone-removal-surgery-in-india.php
Services offered : Health & Safety, Heath & Fitness
Description of services: The laparoscopic gallstone removal surgery in India is performed by the surgeons by making four small incisions in the abdomen. The surgeon will then watch a video monitor in the operating room while using the surgical tools which is inserted through the other incisions made in the abdomen to remove the gallbladder. At India Laparoscopy Surgery Site, we have a network of the best hospitals and the top laparoscopic surgeons providing the affordable laparoscopic gallstone removal surgery in India.

Company Name: Mehrtrade
Contact name: Mohammadjavad Karami
Main region covered: Iran
City: Tehran
Address: Number 21 - Shahamati St.- Valiasr St. - Tehran - Iran
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Post Code: 1111112345
Contact Tel: 0098214328 ext:128
Email Address: javad@mehrtrade.com
Web Address: http://mehrtrade.com
Services offered : Computers
Description of services: Founded in July 1988 with the intention of trading in Iran, from Middle East and Europe, Mehr entered the market.
At the beginning, Mehr tended to trade all kinds of goods to and from Iran, but in August 1994 we reached a point which made us sure that computers will change human’s life for the better. Sure enough, we made the right decision back then, and merely concentrated on computerized products, and thanks to the accuracy of our decision, Mehrtrade is a well-known name in the market now.
Mehr represents world’s leading brands such as HP, ASUS and lenovo, as well as other great brands. We are honored to be the first company to support and sell Gigabyte and ASUS brands in Iran, and they owe a great share of their brand’s popularity in Iran to Mehrtrade. All the achievements mentioned above comes from our supportive partners.

Company Name: MehrDeco
Contact name: Mohammadjavad Karami
Main region covered: Iran
City: Tehran
Address: Number 21 - Shahamati St.- Valiasr St. - Tehran - Iran
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Post Code: 1111112345
Contact Tel: 00982143670700
Email Address: javad@mehrtrade.com
Web Address: http://mehrdeco.com
Services offered :
Description of services: MehrDeco is a high quality wallpaper's distributor in Iran. We provide different types of wallpaper conforming to every region's style and tastes.

Company Name: Selfhike
Contact name: Selfhike
Main region covered: Iran
City: Tehran
Address: Unit 4, 4th Floor, Jamalzadeh Building, Beginning of Jamalzadeh Street, Revolution Square, Tehran
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Post Code: 021
Contact Tel: 66901410
Email Address: selfhike@gmail.com
Web Address: www.selfhike.com
Services offered : Travel & Tourism, Accommodation, Holidays
Description of services: The International Agency For tourist with over 38 years experience.
Self Hike = Greate Travel Experience + Technology

Company Name: Cosmetic and Obesity Surgery Hospital India
Contact name: Larry Oshiola
Main region covered: Iran
City: Tehran
Address: Tehran Province, Tehran, 3rd St, Iran
Contact Tel: +919373055368
Email Address: info@cosmeticandobesitysurgeryhospitalindia.com
Web Address: http://www.cosmeticandobesitysurgeryhospitalindia.com/
Services offered : Heath & Fitness, Health & Safety, Medical Services
Description of services: Cosmetic and Obesity Surgery Hospital India is a world renowned medical value service provider in India offering the highest quality cosmetic and obesity surgeries at inexpensive costs. Our network hospital wards and clinics has a world class infrastructure, condition of the art technology and equipments and they are located at different cities across the country. Our collaboration with the best cosmetic and clear plastic surgeons, obesity surgeons and doctors in India ensure to provide you better outcome with high success rates. Consult Cosmetic and Obesity Surgery Hospital India to book the fee effective cosmetic and obesity operations at the best private hospitals in India.

Company Name: umekhane
Contact name: D@umekhane
Main region covered: Iran
City: Tehran
Address: Tehran_Iran
Contact Tel: +98 (0) 21 2615 3146
Email Address: umekhane@gmail.com
Web Address: http://www.umekhane.com
Services offered : Architecture, Home and Garden, Furniture
Description of services: یومی خانه | اولین شبکه اجتماعی دکوراسیون و معماری ایران


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